About us

Who are we


What is CODE?

CODE is a training institute run by a small group of engineers and professionals in their field. It offers workshops, lectures, training courses both abroad and in Kuwait in different fields from engineering majors in specific and other different majors in general.

What is our GOAL?

Our goal is to blend youth with the working environment, creating a small interactive community that includes all age groups in society.

We have all been into a phase where we all feel as if we are alone facing a certain situation. From unemployment to having a hard time choosing a career, from having a hard time selecting a future home to having a hard time reading engineering drawings after constructing your dream house.

With CODE, you no longer need to feel alone! Our aim is to bring you together with people facing similar situations and solving every problem faced together.

Who are our audience?


Yes, you read it right, our audience include YOU! Newlyweds having trouble selecting your future home? Freshly graduates having a hard time selecting a field of work? High school students finding it hard to blend in the atmosphere of university?

You are not alone, CODE serves all.

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