Construction basics workshop 2017

Lecturer Eng. Maha Bouqammaz
Workshop location Kuwait
Date January 2017
Number of trainees 2 groups of 18 trainees.
Duration 5 days/group.
Target group Senior engineering students.


Workshop details

A workshop that covered the A to Z of construction from start to finish.

  1. What are the contracting types?
  2. What are the documents required to start the construction phase?
  3. What are the different project delivery methods?
  4. What are the major problems faced with the contractors when it comes to construction?

This workshop provided a structural perspective including an architectural perspective in which the client’s needs are provided without breaking any laws of Kuwait’s Municipality.

Adding to that, two site visits took place to give the trainees a real feel of how the construction process works and what is the role of the engineer on site.

The workshop ended with giving the trainees a challenge of designing a building that does not interfere with the demands of the client yet does not break the regulations of Kuwait.

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